cat scouts patriot merit badgeIf you participated in all three of these activities:

    1. Flag Day
    2. 4th of July Purrade
    3. July 4th Cake Walk/Picnic (at campfire on July 4th)

You have earned your Patriot Merit Badge and 100 Karma points.


There was some confusion we want to clear up: The “one activity” badges (Flag Day, 4the of July Purrade, July 4th Cake Walk/Picnic) were participation badges for engaging in specific single activities. The Patriot Merit Badge is a bonus for any Cat Scout who had participated in all three patriotic activities. For the merit badge, rather than post a photo in a group, you just needed to complete three patriotic activities to get the badge. There will be additional patriotic activities for scouts who couldn’t participate in Flag Day or the 4th of July festivities so that they have a chance to not only score points for the individual activities, but also get the merit badge.