Silver Vine, a potent catnip alternative that induces euphoria, is the secret ingredient for a night of shenanigans! Hooligan in a Can is a gift pack that includes Silver Vine, Valerian Root and premium organic catnip, along with premium cat toys and The Red Dot Game wand (with 3 spare batteries!) After all that mayhem you’ll have the munchies, so Hooligan in a Can includes two premium cat treats.

We’ve even included organic catnip seeds, so you can grow your own fun!

And, for a limited time only, a free Hexbug Nano is included! (First come, first served. Once we’re out, you’re out of luck!)

Hooligan in a Can comes boxed in a collectible tin and tied with a festive pawprint bow, purrfect for gift giving!

No Hooligan can resist!!! (Hooligan not included.)

Hooligan in a Can is on sale this month for just $19.99 plus s/h.