photo-badge-st-patricks-dayWbat’s the best part about St Patrick’s Day? The dancin? The drinkin? (Yes, cats CAN hold theyr likker — thus the expression “drunk as a dog.”) How about scorin’ a Merit Badge for posing for a photo wearing your St Pat’s finery. Here’s one of my faves from days gone by:
skeezix the cat st patricks day
Aye, Skeezix, we miss ya darlin’ boy.

Some scouts are already celebratin’, so score some Karma points while you’re at it. Post a photo in St Paddy’s Pub and you’ll get 50 Karma points and a pint o’ Guinness. Remember, though, you can’t drink the hard stuff till you’re 21 🙁

Singers with good original songs can score bonus points! Slainche!