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    @felix When you click the link to go to the download page, when you see the black download page, click the stacked 3 dots on the right. That will download and prompt you to save to your hard drive.

  • @felix, I’ve added a screenshot above. When you get to the music download page, click the 3 dots on the right. It will launch a popup that prompts you to download.

  • Scout @felix — there is no “badge” graphic for the bonus, it just adds the points to your total. I tested both codes and they work properly, you just won’t see a badge graphic in your list. —DM

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    @felix, Thanks!!

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    It is interesting, as it is now at the end of a street in the middle of a neighborhood… @felix

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    @felix I’m actually not sure if there are any Erie Natives still in the area, but there are a variety of Native people in PA. Mom was just at her annual pow wow last Sunday. She has attended the same gathering for the past 14 years. Mom has Shawnee in her heritage. She once attempted to go to a pow wow just south of Eire, but it stormed and by the…[Read more]

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    @felix Felix! What a great photo! What an adventure! Glad you were along as an experienced sea cat to steer the raft!!! :yahoo:

  • Scout @felix, you can still earn a badge by watching the webcast.

  • @felix Here we are on the ground in Hamilton Bermuda!

  • @felix It was an interesting time for dad, He had applied for the Astronaut Program, passed the written exams and intervies, and was “deselected” because of some pins in an old broken arm. This is as close as he ever came to flying the shuttle.
    He was requested for this program by…[Read more]

  • @felix Is this what you were thinking?

  • @felix Hi, It’s Pete H. You and Maggie arrived at our house this afternoon, Both of you looked great! I’ll let you get a little rest and then I’ll introduce you to my sisters. Dad says we can have a photo session tomorrow and send you on your way to see Sampson on Wednesday!
    It’s raining and storming right now, so I think we should all get on mom…[Read more]

    • You two have held up very well in the mail! Dinner is broiled grouper, topped with crab stuffing , a mixed green salad, baked potatoes, and Apple pie for with homemade ice cream for dessert. (the ice cream doesn’t require a machine and has only three ingredients. I can provide the recipe if you like)