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Achievement Name Karma Description
Achievement Name Karma Description
Merit Badge: Thanksgiving 25

This week, Cat Scouts can earn a merit badge for Thanksgiving Spirit.
Thanksgiving can be held at different times in different countries, but Cat Scouts are always aware of reasons to be thankful, wh… (more)

Merit Badge: Noms (photo) 5

By pawpular demand, Cat Scouts is releasing the NomNomNom Merit Badge.
To earn the badge, post a photo or video in the NomNomNom Merit Badge Group demonstrating your nomming talents.
Because this is … (more)

Merit Badge: Strollin’ 10

If you are lucky enough to have a sweet ride that your human pushes you around in, this merit badge is for you! Yes, strollercats, line up and get your badges. Post of photo of yourself driving your … (more)

Merit Badge: Butterfly/Moth Study 10

Maybe you know them better as Flutterbies. Or moths. Whatever you call them, they are mesmerizing as they float and flit through the air, teasing you to catch them if you can. Take a photo or video o… (more)

Merit Badge: Fishery Management 10

Wildlife management is the science and art of managing the wildlife with whom we share our planet. Maintaining the proper balance and the dynamics that go with it require careful attention.
As stewar… (more)

Merit Badge: Gardening 10

Whether you are a garden snoopervisor or a cat who really gets his paws dirty, you know how important a nice garden it. It is a hiding place for mammals, birds, reptiles and butterflies, the study of… (more)

Merit Badge: Art 10

Are you a budding Picatso or Catson Pollock? Demonstrate your artistic ability (for example, using the iPad’s Painting for Cats app) by posting a photo in the Art Merit Badge Group.

Merit Badge: Computer Technology 10

Computers are a part of our daily lives. And they can help you become a better Cat Scout. You can send emails to your Congressmen in support of environmental causes, get a Cat Scout penpal from acros… (more)

Merit Badge: Bird Study 10

One of the most popular Cat Scout Merit Badges is Bird Study. You would be hard pressed to find a fellow not interested in bird watching. It is not just fun, it can also be tasty.
You don’t have to… (more)

Merit Badge: Dentistry 25

It is important for the Cat Scout to maintain good hygiene at all times. This means he bathes himself regularly (including Spots 13 and 14), and takes proper care of his teeth and gums. This ensures … (more)

Merit Badge: Automotive Expertise 10

Driving and riding quietly in the car are key skills every Cat Scout should master. After all, someone has to haul all that gear to the campouts.
And if you hurt yourself on a campout and you or a Sc… (more)

Merit Badge: Bunnykicking 10

In addition to The Bitey, bunnykicking is a versatile and invaluable skill for any Cat Scout to master. You can employ it to keep pesky sisters in line, or to overpower prey on a camp out so you don&… (more)

Merit Badge: Mammal Study 10

A you a squirrel watcher? A coon connoisseur? Or do you prefer observing da bunnies?
Whether you are a purrfessional mammal observer or just an enthusiastic amateur, you can earn your Mammal Study Me… (more)

Merit Badge: The Bitey 10

The Bitey is as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife. To earn it, post a photo of yourself in The Bitey Merit Badge Group giving The Bitey to someone or something. And remember, never put the bitey… (more)

Merit Badge: Swimming [Level 1] 10

There are two levels for the swimming merit badge.
The first level is earned by those brave cats who demonstrate their mastery of getting wet — for example, in a toilet or a bath. Post a photo … (more)

Merit Badge: Tent Camping 10

To earn the Tent Camping Merit Badge, post a photo of yourself and your tent in the Tent Camping Merit Badge group. Your tent needn’t be fancy. It can be as simple as a folded-up newspaper, as … (more)

Merit Badge: Tree Climbing 12

To earn a Tree Climbing Merit Badge, post a photo of yourself climbing a tree in the Tree Climbing Group. And yes, indoor cat trees count!
REDEMPTION CODE: treeclimbing

Be Purrpared. 25

Are you ready for Cat Scouts?
The Cat Scout motto is “Be Purrpared,” and you’ll receive this achievement after you’ve been active in Cat Scout Groups ‘n’ Troops.

Tenderpaw Rank Patch 10

When you first sign up for Cat Scouts, your rank is Tenderpaw. This is the patch that will tell the world you are a proud member of Cat Scouts.
The next ranks are:


The… (more)

Merit Badge: Friendship 100

The first (and easiest) Cat Scout Merit Badge is for friendship. This will set the tone for the camaraderie you’ll experience as part of a Cat Scout Troop.
To get your Cat Scout Friendship Mer… (more)

Viewing 20 achievements’ progress - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)