Twas the night before Christmas, the campfire was warm
And six Worldwide Wildcats were singing up a storm.

The stockings were hung on each tent flap with care,
In hopes that they wouldn’t be stolen by a bear.

Each Cat Scout soon snuggled inside of his tent
But hoped for a glimpse of that jolly old gent.

The denmaster was polishing woggles and badges,
When suddenly the campsite was bright from some flashes.

The Bobcats sprang up when there rose such a clatter,
Keeping camp safe till they found what was the matter.

When what to their wondering eyes did they see
But a cat in a car from the Cardwood Derby!

The cat was snow white, and both lively and quick —
Could this be the cat that they all call St Nick?

He drove through the camp, pulling up near a spruce:
“Come out Raz and Allie and Shoko and Moose!
And Sammy and Timmy and Trouble and Zeus!”

The car reeked of catnip, and was weighted by toys,
And for once all these Cat Scouts did not make a noise.

This magical cat set the tables in red
and ensured that each Cat Scout was properly fed.

There was goose mousse and mouse meat all covered in sauce,
And a buche log with frosting that looked just like moss.

The noms just kept coming, a fabulous feast
That satisfied even the pickiest beast.

The Cat Scouts were each given gifts of their dreams
As they tore off the wrapping, they burst into screams.

They didn’t even notice when the cat, so kind-hearted,
Got into the car and abruptly departed.

When reveille sounded the very next morn,
A Cat Scout tradition was suddenly born.

They went to a shelter, and with Cat Scout-like poise,
They donated all of their coveted toys.

Now each Christmas, at midnight, the Cat Scouts keep watch
for the magical cat who made camping top-notch.