Next to roasting s’mores, the favorite campfire pastime is telling scary stories — especially if they scare the bejeebers out of the Kit Scouts.

Here are some recent stories (compiled by Scout Raz):




My humans and sisfurs and I live in a 103-year-old house. Who knows how many ghosts may lurk in the dark corners of our house. I have encountered only two.

One night when I got up to have a snack, I heard this strange galloping noise in the hall behind me. I turned around to see nothing. I knew that cat door was locked ‘cause I’d already tried to sneak out to see what the skunks were up to in our yard.

Seeing nothing, I returned to my nibbling. Suddenly I heard the noise again, but this time there was something different. I heard horses hooves but also a baby crying. Being a big and strong man-cat, I wasn’t scared; though, I will admit my tail got awfully puffy.

I was really worried for my sisfurs. I snuck quietly into the bedroom so as not to wake them. But too my surprise seven sets of cat eyes were on me as I tiptoed in. They were whispering among themselves.

Lily Olivia hissed at me, ”Was that you making all that racket? You about scared us half to death.” I told her it wasn’t me, but she didn’t believe me. She just said, “Go back to sleep and quit trying to play practical jokes on us.”

Now, I’ll admit, I might have pulled my sisfurs’ paws a few times, but I was NOT the one making the noises.

Just as I drifted back to sleep I was jolted awake. It sounded as if a wild stallion had been let lose and was running throughout the downstairs. I jumped from bed and ran to the landing at the top of the stairs. I peered into the foyer below and the moon shown on a dark figure with wild, red eyes. It was making snorting sounds, and I could hear the crying noise coming from somewhere behind the creature.

Just then, I felt hot air on the back of my neck. It seemed to increase in intensity over the next few seconds. By then I was frozen in place. I wanted to turn around and look but was too frightened, and I could not go downstairs as the snorting and wailing continued with those red eyes flashing all about the room. Those were two red dots I didn’t want to catch.

Suddenly, something touched my shoulder, and I will admit it frightened me so that I wet myself a wee bit. Then I felt touches all over my body. It was then that I passed out.

When I came to, all my sisfurs were patting and petting me and whispering to me that I was safe. C.J. told me that they had come to check on me after hearing all the commotion downstairs and noticing I was missing from bed. They said they were super scared but thought if they came as a pack they would be safe.

Misty May told me that they too had seen the burning red dots and heard a baby crying, but when they all gathered around me it disappeared.

It was starting to get light out at that point and our dad got up and opened the cat door for us.  We raced each other to the door, pushing and shoving, to be the first to get out to the catio where we hoped to be safe.

A little later when we came in to breakfast, Mom had her hands on her hips and asked, “Who made this huge mess all over the house.” We looked at her dumbfounded knowing none of us ever came downstairs as we were too frightened.

Looking around, we saw our litter boxes were all overturned and some kind of “foot prints” were all through the mess. It was then that I thought I better tell Mom about what we’d seen so as not to get blamed for making the mess.

When I finished my story, she gathered us all around and told us a story. She said that the very first people who lived in our house had a pony, and they would actually let it come in the house. But then one day, the pony kicked the baby who lived in the house in the head. The baby died and the pony was put down.

Mom asked if any of us remembered seeing the depression in our back lawn and we all nodded. She said, “That’s where the pony was buried.” She then showed us a very old photo of our house with a man in the front yard holding the reins of the pony.

We don’t know why that pony and baby came back that night to frighten us. Mom says that maybe the pony thought the house should still be his and he objected to so many cats living in his house as well as our nine angel brofurs and sisfurs who have joined him in what he thought was a cemetery for ponies ONLY.

We know one thing for sure, if ever we are scared, the eight of us have each others backs. And that pony better watch his step!


Afraid In The Dark
By Gracie

It was a Friday night at my house during the spring. Kind of typical with thunderstorms in the distance but not typical because the folks were not home. They were visiting the grandbeans and their folks. My folks told me they would not be home for two days and two nights.

As the night grew darker it was time for me to catch some zzzzzs. As I started to get cozy I listened to the thunder in the far distance. Suddenly I found myself jerked awake! I heard a noise, what was it?! I knew it was not the thunder outside that was getting closer it was something in the house!!! I do not know how long I was frozen in fear. Time stood still.

Too scared to move I stayed safely where I awoke. Next thing I knew sleep overtook me again. Then it happened again! The thunder was closer and so was that noise!!! What is it? What does it mean? Does it want to get me? The noise I knew now was inside the house!!!! My insides were screaming mmmooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!! I knew I must be quiet because what if the noise was coming for me?!

The cycle repeated itself: frozen in fear, a scary sound in the house, thunder getting closer, heavy eyes, zzzzzzzs.

OMC! It happened again only now I know what the noise is!!! The thunder had stopped, the house still dark, all alone but oh that noise it woke me up again. Now though I am not afraid. I know what the noise was. It was me snoring and I am embarrassed to say I caught myself snoring as I jerked myself awake. All the time it was me. But you know what? I am no longer afraid but I still want my mommie.



By Anya & Cara

Let’s see, where to begin this story? I think it was last fall at the first Jamboree. Sammy, Raz, Allie, Aunt Gracie, and myself were sharing a tent one evening. We had a busy day and everyone was tired so we all did not take but a minute to fall asleep. I was awakened by Allie asking where Sammy was? No one knew. Allie said that Sammy had been gone for awhile, she noticed that because she had awaken when he left the tent and now realize he did not return. Oh no. Where is Sammy? Raz decided he would head out of the tent to find out where Sammy was. Yep, you guess it. Hours went by and no Raz. He did not return. Then there were three left, the girls were on their own. Nooooooooooooooo. We all got in one sleeping bag too afraid to go outside and finally I guess we all went to sleep. When I woke up right away I could see that Allie was not MIA! I screamed waking up Aunt Gracie and we are hanging onto each other with such fear. What was happening?! Aunt Gracie decided she could not take it anymore and she was going to get to the bottom of why everyone was missing, even if it meant running into the monster in the woods that was taking scouts or something. I waited for a very long time and now there was one, me. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to jump out of my heart. I could not take it any more. If the monster of the woods was going to get me then he would have to chase me. I decided I would run to the lodge and if I made it I made it and if I didn’t I would soon know where the others had gone.

I ran with all my might. Never slowing down for a moment. Running up hills, down hills, and through the shallow river. I made it to the lodge and to my surprise I found Sammy, Raz, Allie, and Aunt Gracie sleeping away under a comforter on the couch. I woke everyone up as I yelled HEY! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. With sleepers in their eyes they explained that in the tent they got cold so decided to sleep inside at the lodge. OMC! Are they kidding me. Was I mad? Nope, I was glad to find everyone safe and sound. I got under the blankie with them and we all had a nice rest.


Meikos ghost story

“Meiko needed a summer job to save some money. One day, while telling his cuzfur Pete S. about how he was looking for a job, Pete S. invited him work with him at the zoo. “We have a situation,” he said. “We need a little help for the summer. If it goes well, I might be able to get you working there full time.” Meiko was excited and agreed to show up the next day.

In the morning, Meiko arrived at the zoo and found Pete S.. “Here’s the situation. Our gorilla has a touch of the flu, and is resting in our gorilla house, away from the zoo visitors. But lots of people come here every day to see the gorilla, and I don’t want them to leave disappointed. I have this gorilla costume. I’d like you to wear it, and sit in the gorilla enclosure. No one will know the difference.”

Meiko thought that sounded easy enough, so he put on the gorilla suit and climbed into the gorilla exhibit. After an hour or two of people staring at him, he started to get bored.
He started to pound his chest, or scratch his head. The zoo visitors would ooh, aah, and laugh at him. So he started to think of other ways to entertain them. Before long, he was swinging on a vine. The higher he swung, the more the people liked it. Soon they were clapping and taking pictures. Meiko thought he was doing a great job. “At this rate, I’m sure to get a full-time job,” he thought.

Just then, he swung a little too high. He lost his grip on the vine and went tumbling into the next pen. As he sat up, he saw a dinosaur creeping towards him. Meiko was scared, and as the dinosaur got closer he whispered– “Wait, I’m not what you think!”

The dinosaur closed in and Meiko thought he was done for. Meiko was begging for his life. The dinosaur got right up to his nose.

Just then Meiko heard a voice whisper, “Quit you’re screaming or you’ll get us both fired.”
Subject: Scary Story by Scout Ali

“Here is my scary story.  It is a true story.  One hot summer night in August about 6 years ago there was a fire in the building next to where I live.  This was at about 1 a.m.  and there were fire trucks, flashing lights and sirens.  Two firemen pounded on my door and told my human we had to evacuate.  I ran under the bed and wouldn’t come out.  My human was led to the clubhouse so she would be safe.  After a couple of hours she was allowed back in to get her medicine, purse, some clothes and something to do and had to go back to the clubhouse.  I finally came out from under the bed.  I was fine, scared, but fine.  After a few more hours she was allowed back home but the apartment smelled of smoke.  We had to be out for 72 hours while the apartment was deodorized.  Ever since I have been afraid of flashing lights, sirens and loud noises”


Scary story by ……………..

The story I am about to tell you is true, it happened many, many years ago.  In the mid 1980’s there was a group of cats that belonged to a group called Cat Scouts.  Each one of you is named after one of the original Cat Scouts because they were your ancestors. One summer day the scouts went on a camping trip at Camp Crystal Lake.  When they arrived at the camp, Wally saw that there was an island.  He convinced the rest of the cats that they should spend a couple of days on the island because every cat wants to be an Island Cat. So, the cats loaded up their canoes and set off for the island. On their way across the lake Shoko said to Einstein that the island looks like Gilligans Island. Tubby was in the next boat and said “I am O.K. with that but I hope it is not the Island of Dr Moreau”.

When they reached the island they decided that the first thing they must do is set up their tents in a circle so a fire could be built in the middle.  After the tents were set up Banzai and Buckaroo went out to make sure that there were no skunks nearby.  Banzai is a skunk whisperer. It was going to be dark soon so Gracie, Tubby, Shoko and Pete H. gathered firewood.  Pete, Anya and Nibbler went looking for kindling to start the fire. Charles and Obi made the fire ring and Sammy and Wally tended to the fire.  Mau, Allie and Ali cooked a great dinner and Raz and Madi helped Andy and Dezi unload the canoes and finish setting up camp.  Einstein and Timmy made  litterboxes (sorry guys).

It was starting to get dark and Gracie said to the group “I hope Banzai and Buckaroo are O.K.” We should search for them”.   Gracie and Tubby went to the north, Maggie and Felix headed south, Shoko and Einstein went east and Timmy and Nibbler went west. It got to be after midnight and none of the scouts had come back to camp. Pete said to Andy “what should we do?” Andy said “I think that we should stay together, we can look for them in the morning, they are Cat Scouts so they have skills to survive in the woods”.  The remaining cats turned in for the night.  Once everyone was up in the morning they had breakfast and decided to go look for the other scouts because none of them came back during the night.  Charles said I sure hope they did not run into Jason.  I heard he hangs around Camp Crystal Lake.  Charles, Anya, Pete, Pete H, Obi and Ali walked along the shoreline by the canoes.  When they got to the canoe’s they found that the canoe’s had holes n them and one had been set adrift into the lake.  Andy discovered later that the search team had met their demise via the Gill man.  Meanwhile Sammy and Wally started searching the middle of the island.  Unfortunately they did not get very far from camp before they ran into ALF.  Raz said to Madi, Allie and Mau “we must get off of the island before somthing happens to us”.  They head to the canoes only to find that the only canoe that is not full of holes is floating in the middle of the lake.  Mau said, lets swim out to the canoe and then we can paddle to the mainland and call for help.  “Good idea, Mau,” says Madi.  They all start swimming to the canoe and all of a sudden Jaws appears.  Each one of the cats goes under one by one.  It was terrible.

Andy started getting frantic.  He and Dezi were the only survivors, but for how long…………..The next thing Andy knew he was soaking wet and Dezi was holding an empty bucket over him.  Andy said to her, “why did you pour cold water on me”?  Dezi said to Andy “you were having a nightmare and you were keeping everyone awake.”  I couldn’t wake you up so I dumped a bucket of cold water on you”.  “I think you had too much nip after dinner”. Andy told Dezi that he needed to use the litterbox.  Andy ran into the woods and saw Banzai by the litterbox.  Boy did Banzai stink!  Banzai said that he ran into a skunk earlier and Buckaroo would not let him back in the tent.  “I guess I will just spend the rest of the night sleeping by the fire, Good night,Andy.”  “Good night Banzai, good night everyone, I hope you all sleep well.”


Einstein’s Scary Story for our Cat Scout Campfire story book

When Einstein was little, before he even had his name, Dad would read us our bedtime story and then tuck him in. We would all go to the living room and meow about the day so not to disturb him so he would relax and fall asleep. One night I went in very quietly and found he was up and looking at me in an odd way. I asked him why he was still up and he said: “Timmy, do you know how many weeks old I am?” I smiled down at him and said: “No Kitten, how old are you?”
He held up four toes and said: “This many weeks!”
We asked and asked till he fell asleep and to this day he swears he does not remember where they came from.


“The Companion”

By Pamela June Kimmell

It was always there….sometimes barely noticeable, and even at times, practically invisible, but still there.  She’d started calling it “The Companion” because it was so reliably a part of her existence that it was something she could count on – almost like a friend, but not as friendly as a friend.  In fact, lately The Companion was radiating a decidedly menacing feeling.

Gretchen first noticed The Companion when she was twelve years old.  Ten years later she’d yet to tell a soul about it.  Whenever she came close to telling anyone, The Companion prevented it.  The blinding headaches it inflicted upon her were definitely not worth the trouble of explaining The Companion to anyone.

At first it had been a barely noticeable shadow just at the edge of her eye – just the smallest darkness which, if she pulled her eyes to the left in her eye socket as far as she could, and as quickly as she could, she could catch sight of.  Through the years it stayed just out of sight.  She became used to it, as an extremely introverted child, without friends, it was her friend – her companion.  She had quickly learned not to tell her mother or father about it because of the resulting pain.

Lately though, The Companion was scaring her.  It was beginning to grow.  It was growing quickly in fact.  It was now a visible shape edging closer in her line of sight.  She no longer had to pull her eyes to the far left to see it, it was visible all the time.  The worst experiences with The Companion were at night.  It grew at night.  In fact, it seemed to “feed” on the darkness.  Gretchen now slept with the bedside lamp on, thinking it would prevent The Companion from growing so large it would obliterate her sight in her left eye.  You see, that was her biggest fear – that she would be blind in that eye from The Companion.  The light seemed to help somewhat.  It grew, but not as quickly as it did in the dark.

Gretchen no longer went to movies, or night mass at church, or for a drive at night.  She made sure everything she did was scheduled in broad daylight, when The Companion was at it’s smallest and least threatening mode.  Her best friend Amy teased her about never being able to join her and the other friends she had from work at their once a month “movie nights”, but it was only light-hearted teasing.  Amy and the others knew Gretchen had a fear of darkness – they had encouraged her to see a psychiatrist or psychologist about it – but long ago had given up pushing Gretchen to do anything.

Gretchen was asleep when the noise started.  She awoke with a start to the sound of what sounded like a drum beating.  Gretchen was confused in her semi-awake state, but not so confused that she didn’t quickly realize that the noise was perfectly in synch with her heartbeat.  But she had never heard her heartbeat before.  Then she saw something she’d never seen before.

In the corner of her room – the darkest corner, not reached by the bedside lamp – she saw The Companion.  With each loud beat she heard, The Companion pulsed.  The Companion was not visible at the edge of her sight any longer – it was “detached” from that place and had taken on its’ own separate identity.  Not only that, but with each progressively harder beat, it was growing larger.

Gretchen was frozen in place….she realized she was shaking – not from cold – but from fear.  She was sweating profusely, and could not bring herself to stop staring at The Companion.  She felt that if she did stop looking at it – even for a second – it would come towards her.

It no longer felt like a “companion” it felt like a separate, malevolent creature, that was waiting for its’ chance to envelop her in its’ inky darkness and extinguish the light that was “her”…..snuff out her very life force.

As she stared at The Companion, and if she forced the fear from her mind, she noticed that it was not only no longer growing larger, but in fact was losing its’ extreme “darkness” – it was graying.  She felt perhaps it was weakening.  The loud heartbeat also subsided as The Companion began fading.  She was winning the battle of wills with it.  She was feeling strength coming from somewhere within which was conquering her fear and reducing the power The Companion had over her.

Then The Companion disappeared.

Gretchen was finally able to move.  She got out of bed and discovered her shaking legs were steady enough to carry her into the bathroom.  She ran cold water into the sink and bent over to splash it liberally on her face.  She stood and stared into the mirror at startled face peering back at her.

Then she noticed something else.  The Companion was no longer visible at the edge of her vision.  It was gone.  That meant it no longer was “connected” to her, as she had always felt it was.  But what had become of it?

The next few days Gretchen did not see The Companion either at the corner of her eye, or “loose” in her house.  Not only that, but she didn’t even “feel” its’ presence.  For years and years it had been her constant companion, and now she was alone.  She felt liberated….relaxed….no longer trapped.

Gretchen enjoyed her freedom.  At the library where she worked with her friend Amy, she no longer avoided the dark corners or the basement storage areas.  She laughed more and seemed so much more relaxed.  She even suggested a movie night with the girls – something she would never have done before The Companion had left her.

Friday night came, and Amy was to pick Gretchen up at her house for the theater.  Gretchen was a bit nervous, but not overly so considering she’d never gone out at night before.  As darkness descended and the appointed hour approached, Gretchen found herself looking out the front window, wondering what it would be like to be out in the night air – alone.

Amy pulled up in front of Gretchen’s house and honked the horn.  Gretchen picked up her sweater and purse, opened the front door and started to step outside when suddenly the porch light went out.  She stood in the total darkness with only the sound of Amy’s car engine for company.  A panic seized her, unlike anything she’d felt before.  Then she heard it……the heartbeat……the loud drumming heartbeat which matched her heart’s thump beat for beat.

She “felt” The Companion before she saw it.  It was behind her she knew.  The malevolence was palpable…..she was frozen in place and could not move.  The Companion was back to claim her.

In the midst of her panic she realized Amy’s car had vanished – in fact the distant street lights were no longer visible, nor were the neighbors’ windows lit up from within.  The darkness was all-consuming.

She felt the ice cold fingers of The Companion on her shoulders first, then the coldness enveloped her arms and legs.  She felt faint.  It had taken possession of her and her will to fight it was fading quickly.  She relaxed in the numbness.

Amy honked again, then turned off the car’s engine.  She wondered if Gretchen had perhaps changed her mind after all about coming.  Come to think of it, the house looked deserted – no lights shining in the window; porch light out.  She walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.  Nobody answered it.

She figured Gretchen had changed her mind so she left to join the other girls at The Cinemax in town.  She’d call Gretchen in the morning.  But Gretchen wasn’t there Saturday morning, or the next morning, or the next.  In fact, she was never seen or heard from again.

Then one day, at the library, Amy noticed a darkness appearing in her line of sight – just out of reach unless she pulled her eyes to the left as far as she could………..


The End —–


Copyright © 2002



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